Musikalitätsworkshop mit Cosae Mandinga

in Tangoschule Rafael Herbas, Tschudistrasse 43, St. Gallen

Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017, 14:30 - 19:00
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Workshop I - "Melodic structures"
14.30 - 16.30 Uhr

The melodies are built in the exactly same way as the spoken language, during this intensive Workshop we will teach you how to dance exclusively to the melodies, to anticipate their endings, to flow with the cadences and to articulate/organize your dance in a melodic way.
Dynamic Excercises with live and recorded music, two hours of diving into the melodic world of tango music.
This is our insignia workshop, the one you should take first to really dive into tango world. We have been teaching this kind of workshop for 3 years in a role and for this new upcoming tour October 2017 we have renewed it totally. New exercises, new examples and new live music.

Workshop II - “Milonga de mis amores, valsecito amigos”
17 - 19 Uhr

Milonga is a very special Rhythm, among its roots we can find criolla, afro (from the slaves brought to America) and European (the most famous example being the Habanera). We consider ourselves fans and experts in this beautiful subject sometimes feared even by the most skilled tangueros.
The valcesito is probably a "left behind" rhythm when teachers approach musicality, not for us! There is a lot inside Valcesito criollo to discuss and learn!
-A little bit of history… the parents of the milonga.
-How to understand the melodic structures in the milonga.
-The bigger structures, (Intro - A - B)
-Sebastián Piana and the first milongas (3,3,2)
-Rhythmic aspects of the milonga
-The habanera bass
- A little bit of history… the coincidences and the main differences between the European valz and the valcesito criollo.
-How to understand the melodic structures inside a Valsecito
-The characteristics of the different themes inside a Vals.
-A/B forms
- Minor and major themes

1 Workshop Fr. 60.- pro Person

Die Workshops werden auf Englisch, mit ein paar Erklärungen auf Deutsch, gehalten.